Wisconsin AFS Fishing Contest

The Wisconsin AFS Photo Fishing Contest provides an opportunity for any Wisconsin AFS member to participate in a friendly competition to determine the best angler in the state. This contest seeks to bring together members and promote involvement. Anglers submit photos of fish and are awarded points for the largest fish of each species caught in Wisconsin. This is an annual contest where bragging rights are bestowed upon the winner at the annual Wisconsin AFS meeting.


Click here for contest rules.

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/wafsfishing/

Email: wafsfishing@gmail.com

Brandon Wambach20DNR44North22
Stefan Tucker16Non-govt20South21
Dray Carl6Fed16Academia20
Tony Rieth6USFW15
Steve Gilbert5West1
Matt Kornis4USFS1
Skip Sommerfeldt4
Andrew Stevens4
Eric Brown3
Dave Seibel3
Jared Krebs3
Nick Berndt2
Max Wolter1
Dan Dembkowski1
Brian Spangler1
Jason Meacham1