Student Subunit Information

Student Subunit Equipment Fund

Purpose: Provide funds for student subunits to purchase gear that can be used to promote the mission and objectives of the Chapter and Subunit, with a focus on providing experiential opportunities and recruiting new members. Click here for full information.


Fundraising Match Opportunity ($250)

The WIAFS chapter will match any WIAFS subunit fundraising up to $250, with documentation of fundraising.  Chapters shall contact the Secretary-Treasurer with the request and documentation of funds raised.  Subunits are eligible for a $250 match once per year (defined as the time period between WIAFS meetings).


Requirement of National AFS membership for SubUnit Officers

AFS rules require that officers of Student SubUnits be paid members of the National AFS.  To facilitate that, WIAFS will reimburse Subunit officers for the cost of up to 2 student memberships in AFS (total $XX dollars per subunit). If there are 3 officers, the Subunit can determine how to split the reimbursement.


Linking to the National AFS

Student Chapters: Make sure you have a link to your unit here, and that it goes somewhere that is updated (Facebook, website, etc).


Fenske Award

Purpose: The Janice Lee Fenske Memorial Award for Outstanding Students was created to recognize undergraduate and graduate students for their achievements in the fields of fisheries and wildlife management and encourage participation in the American Fisheries Society, The Wildlife Society,  and the Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference.