Each year the Wisconsin Chapter honors deserving members with one or two awards and three scholarships. The awards and scholarships are described below, along with the list of past honorees.

Bill Threinen Outstanding Service Award

Since 2000, this honor has been presented to individuals who have really gone the extra mile in service to our Chapter. This award is not given every year, and represents recognition of longtime commitment and outstanding dedication to the Wisconsin Chapter.

2021Bradley Eggold
2019Tim Kroeff
2015Pete Segerson
2010Kurt Welke
2008Steve Gilbert
2005Steve Yeo
2003Steve Yeo
2002Don Fago
2001George Boronow
2000John Nelson


Best Paper Awards

The Wisconsin Chapter recognizes three individuals for their outstanding scientific presentations at the annual meeting. The Steve Serns Award is given for the best paper presented by a fisheries professional, the Steve Yeo Award is given for the best presentation delivered by an undergraduate or graduate student and an award is given for the best poster presentation. The awards committee solicits judges to review papers during each annual meeting. A plaque and a check for $50 are presented to each winner.

2022 VirtualZachary Feiner, Implications of increasingly unpredictable phenology for walleye recruitment
Joseph Mrnak (student), Is top-down control a requirement from food web restoration? Effects of a whole-lake invasive rainbow smelt removal and native cisco introduction
Ben Breaker (poster), Evaluating maxillae as a non-lethal aging structure for Brook Trout and Brown Trout
2021 VirtualBryan Maitland, A long-term look at Wisconsin Brook and Brown Trout populations and the role of hydrologic change
Natalie Coash (student), Phenology and habitat utilization of spawning Brook Trout in the Little Plover River, WI
Rebecca Henningsen (poster), Fecundity and reproductive potential of black bullhead in a north temperate lake
Ben Martin (speed paper), Predation by a native planktivore exceeds an invasive invertebrate’s production
2020 Eau Claire, WITom Cichosz, Dispelling common misconceptions about tribal spearing in Wisconsin
Aaron O’Connell (student), Evaluation of methods for estimating age and growth of Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens)
Dan Dembkowski (poster), Replicating northern pike cleithra ages using otoliths, pelvic fin rays, and scales: precision and sampling guidelines based on sex and total length
Joseph Gerbyshak (speed paper), Digging deep: A look at the Shovelnose Sturgeon population in the lower Chippewa River
Ethan Brandt (speed paper student), Assessing abundance of centrarchids and juvenile Yellow Perch in northern Wisconsin lakes with different Walleye recruitment histories
2019 Green Bay, WIJohn Lyons. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (retired). Large-scale hybridization between longnose gar and shortnose gar in the Fox River drainage
Ben Martin (student). A perch is a perch; the role of individual trait variation in invasive species management
Andrew Ransom (student). Lake whitefish larval production from Wisconsin tributaries to Green Bay
2017 Milwaukee, WIRyan Koenigs, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Downstream passage survival of lake sturgeon at two dams on the Wolf River, Wisconsin
Douglas Zentner (student),  Using GIS to predict near shore habitat composition in lakes
Benjamin Schleppenbach (poster),  Genetic Origin of Walleye Stocked in the Manitowish Chain of Lakes, Vilas County, WI
2016 La Crosse, WIMax Wolter, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The Up’s and Down’s of Water Level Management on the Chippewa Flowage
Hadley Boehm (student), Identifying Recruitment Bottlenecks for Age-0 Walleye in Northern Wisconsin Lakes
Dan Dembkowski (poster), Influence of Habitat Additions on Survival, Growth, and Condition of Extensively-reared Muskellunge
2015 Eau Claire, WIMax Wolter, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Volunteer River Guides as a Source of Fisheries Data Collection.
Zachary Snoble (student), Using Side-scan Sonar to Assess Habitat use of Sub-adult Lake Sturgeon in the Wolf River, Wisconsin
Keith Turnquist (poster), Use of Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction for Identification of Larval Walleye and Yellow Perch
2014 Green Bay, WIJeff Janvrin, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Method for estimating pre-dam distribution of centrarchid over-wintering habitat on the Mississippi River.
Zachary Beard (student), Evaluation of dorsal spines and scales as nonlethal alternatives to otoliths for estimating bluegill ages.
Craig Kelling (poster), Use of DNA barcoding as a method for identifying partially-digested Fish in diet studies.
2013 Rothschild, WIDaniel Iserman, University of Stevens Point. Evaluating Harvest Regulations for Lake Sturgeon in the White Rapids Section of the Menominee River.
Christine Koeller (student),  A Comparison of Historical Changes in Lake Morphology of Six Inland Lakes in Wisconsin.
Hadley Boehm (poster),  Status and Trends of Wisconsin Musky Tournaments .
2012 Marinette, WIRon Bruch, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Use of a modified Form Factor to compare condition among North American lake sturgeon stocks.
Lucas Nathan (student), Temporal Stability of Lake Whitefish Stocks in Lake Michigan.
Shannon Davis Foust (poster), Using Otolith Growth Chronology as an Archive of Environmental Change. 
2011 Stevens Point, WIRon Bruch, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Recovery of the Lake Sturgeon Population in the Winnebago System, 1970-2010. 
Matthew Faust (student), Age and Growth of Muskellunge in Wisconsin's Ceded Territory
Elliot Hoffman (poster), Comparison of otolith and scale methods for ageing bluegill and black crappie
2010 Green Bay, WIMike Seider, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Age, growth and maturity of siscowet lake trout in Wisconsin waters of Lake Superior, 1994-2007. 
Shannon Davis-Foust (student), Using a Biochronology to Detect the Effects of Zebra Mussel Establishment and Food Resource Abundance
2009 Duluth, MNRon Bruch, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. "Modeling the population dynamics and sustainability of lake sturgeon"
Katherine Lee (student) - "Contrasting littoral and pelagic zooplankton diversity and abundance in northern temperate lakes."
Kevin McDonnell (student) - "The use of fixed videography to examine daily and seasonal activity rates of pumpkinseed in a Michigan, USA Lake"
2008 Wausau, WIRon Bruch (and Shannon Davis-Faust), Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. "Validation of true age of lake sturgeon and implications for population and harvest management"
Luke Roffler (student) (and Brian Sloss), University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  "Maintenance of genetic diversity in lake sturgeon restoration stocking"
2007 Milwaukee, WIJohn Janssen, University of Madison-Milwaukee. "Lake trout spawning and fry production at Lake Michigan's deep reefs"
Van de Hey, Justin (student) University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. "Genetic Structure Among Lake Michigan's Whitefish Spawning Aggregates"
2006 Dubuque, IA (joint meeting with Iowa Chapter)                                    Vetrano, David M., Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. "History of the Wild Trout Stocking Progam in SW Wisconsin (La Crosse Area)"
Franckowiak, Ryan P (student), Brian L Sloss, and Michael Bozek, Wisconsin Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point; Steven Newman, WDNR. "The impact of stocking on the genetic integrity of the walleye population in Escanaba Lake, Wisconsin"
2005 Onalaska, WISloss, Brian L, and Ryan Franckowiak, Wisconsin Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point; Martin Jennings, WDNR; Dennis Pratt, WDNR. "Utility of Molecular Genetic Analyses for Assessing Coaster Brook Trout Rehabilitation in Wisconsin" 
Franckowiak, Ryan P (student), Brian L Sloss, and Michael Bozek, Wisconsin Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point; Steven Newman, WDNR. "Temporal Genetic Change in the Escanaba Lake Walleye Population: Implications for Managing the Genetic Resources of Naturally Reproducing Populations"
2004 Marinette, WI (joint meeting with Michigan Chapter)Roger Bergsted and Ray Argyle. "An In Situ Look at Chinook Salmon Temperature and Depth Preferences" 
Nick Johnson. "Species specificity of the male sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) sea pheromone 3-keto petromyzonal sulfate"
2003 Madison , WIMichael J. Hansen, Jennifer A Devin, and Stephen T Schram: "A Food Web Analysis of the Fish Community in Chequamegon Bay, Lake Superior" 
G.G. Sass (student), J.F. Kitchell, S.R. Carpenter and J.J. Weis: "Fish Community Responses to a Whole Lake Manipulation of Littoral Zone Coarse Woody Debris"
2002 Wausau, WIJohn Nelson, Brain Graber, and Martin Melchior: “Managing thermal pollution in the upper Onion River.” 
Mark Rodgers (student), and Michael J Hansen: Catchability of adult walleyes to electrofishing in northern Wisconsin Lakes.
2001 Superior, WIEd Avery “Response of a brook trout population to long term beaver control”
Aaron Frey (student), Michael Bozek , Steven Newman and Clayton Edwards: “Food habit and predation between walleye and smallmouth bass in a northern Wisconsin lake.”
1999 LaCrosse, WIRuth King “Wisconsin’s Safe Harvest System for Walleye Spearing Quotas and Angling Bag Limits.” 
Theresa Schrieier, V.K. Dawson and WH Gingerich: “Summary of Chloramine-T efficacy call-in data to prevent or control bacterial gill disease”
1998 Eau Clair, WIMike Vogelsang “Use of Oxytetracycline to Evaluate Relative Contributions of Stocked Larval and Juvenile Walleye."
1997 Oshkosh, WIKurt Welke , Teresa Naimo, Pamela Thiel: “ An evaluation of relocation of unionid mussels into an artificial pond.”
1996 Stevens Point, WIJohn Lyons: “Implications of the recent decline in distibution and abundance of the state-endangered slender madtom.”
Thomas “Skip” Sommerfeldt: “Response of a bluegill population to two years of feeding in a small soft water lake.”
1995 Madison, WIMike Bozek and Chris A. Picard: “Validation of a land use model for protecting brook trout habitat in headwater streams of Northwestern Ontario during timber management"
1994 Marinette, WI (joint meeting with Michigan Chapter)John D. Lyons and Timothy D. Simonson: “Development of an index of Biotic Integrity for Coldwater Streams in Wisconsin”
1993 Stevens Point, WIStephen P. Czajkowski , Coble and Copes: “Geographic information system (GIS) analysis of migration and distribution of walleyes in Lake Winnebago”
1992 Waukegan, IL (joint meeting with Illinois Chapter)Mike Staggs: “Evaluation of a regional 15-inch Size Limit for Wisconsin’s Ceded Territory
1991 Hudson, WI (joint meeting with Iowa and Minnesota Chapters)Dawson, Verdel K: “Effects of the lampricide 3-triflouromethyl-4-nitrophenol on dissolved oxygen in aquatic ecosystems”
1990 Prairie du Chien, WITerry Margenau: “Comparative survival and cost effectiveness of stocking fall fingerling and spring yearling muskellunge in three Wisconsin Lakes.”
1989 Oshkosh, WIJim Kempinger: “Fish Kills in the Fox River”
1988Terry Bills, Lief Marking, George Howe and Jeff Rach: “A possible cause of non-target fish kills associated with the use of lampricide TFM”
1987 Marinette, WIFrank Pratt: “Effects of special regulations on the trout fishery in the Namekagon River Sawyer Co, Wisconsin”
1986 Madison, WIJim Weiner: “Mercury concentrations in Wisconsin Walleyes: relation to chemical characteristics of soft water lakes”
1985 Wausau, WIRon Bruch: “Characteristics of the yellow perch population in southwestern Lake Michigan”
1984 Superior, WIMike Dombeck & Bruce Menzel: “Muskellunge Spawning habitat and reproductive success”
1983 Appleton, WIMary Balcer: “The feeding behavior of young rainbow smelt”
1982 Eau Claire, WISteve Serns: “Influence of various factors on the density and first year growth of walleye fingerlings in Escanaba Lake, Wisconsin 1958-1980.”
Darwin Witrock and Frederick W. So: “Ornithodiplostomum ptychocheilus: a trematode encased in the brains of fathead minnows.”
1981 Stevens Point, WIJ. Magnuson, UW-Madison: A 50 year comparison of pH, alkalinity and conductivity in Northern Wisconsin Lakes
1980 Milwaukee, WI9th WI chapter meeting
1979 Stevens Point, WI8th WI chapter meeting
1978 La Crosse, WI7th WI chapter meeting
1977 Stevens Point, WI6th WI chapter meeting
1976 Stevens Point, WI5th WI chapter meeting
1975 Stevens Point, WI4th WI chapter meeting
1974 Stevens Point, WI3rd WI chapter meeting
1973 Stevens Point, WI2nd WI chapter meeting
1972 Stevens Point, WI1st WI chapter meeting


Richard Frie Memorial Scholarship

This $1000 scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving junior, senior, or graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point who is enrolled in a fisheries or water resources program.

2021Rachael Valeria
2020Rachael Valeria
2019Rafael Davila
2018Alex Catalano  
2017Taylor Beaman
2016Timothy Gander
2015Ben Breaker
2014Matthew Bach
2013Ian Hackett
2012John Grosch
2011Matt Gunderson
2010Ben Kissinger
2009Jorge Buening
2008Joshua Maxwell
2007Michael Hosack
2006     Seth Herbst
2005Erich Parizek
2004Jeff Blonski
2003Jennifer Hurt
2002Jason Carrao
2001Brian Jacoby
2000Kevin Jorgensen
1999Christopher Huff
1998Patrick Schmalz
1997James Devlin


Carroll Norden Memorial Scholarship

This $1000 scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving junior, senior, or graduate student enrolled in a fisheries or water resources program at a College or University other than UW- Stevens Point. More >

2021Kristina Morben UW - LaCrosse
2020Kristina PechacekUW - LaCrosse
2019Ben MartinUW - Madison
2018Stefan TuckerUW - Green Bay
2017Lydia DoerrUW - Green Bay
2016Logan SikoraNorthland College
2015Jeremiah ShrovnalUW - Green Bay
2014Amanda SmithUW - Stout
2013Allison DeRoseNorthland College
2012David LawrenceUW - Green Bay
2011Margaret A. HaringsNorthland College
2010Eric StruckUW - Green Bay
2009Laura SchmidtNorthland College
2008Lawrence EslingerUW - Green Bay
2007Katie RenschenNorthland College
2006     Melissa KjelvikNorthland College
2005Shannon Davis-FaustUW - Oshkosh


Joan Duffy Student Travel Award

One award is given to a student from each North Central Division chapter for travel assistance to a conference. Each chapter is responsible for selecting its respective recipient and forwarding such information to the North Central Division chair prior to the annual meeting. The NCD matches Chapter student travel awards up to $100. Students will be honored and checks presented during the NCD Business Meeting. Interested students should contact their local chapters. More ›

Year RecipientUniversity
2022Jordan EversonUW - Stevens Point
2021Kristina PechacekUW - LaCrosse
2020Ethan BrandtUW - Stevens Point
2019Robert ShefferUW - Stevens Point
2018Lydia DoerrUW - Green Bay
2015Hadley Boehm UW - Stevens Point
2010Matthew FaustUW - Stevens Point
2008Katie RenschenNorthland College
2006Rachel Koehler


Tim Kroeff Fisheries Scholarship

The Tim Kroeff Fisheries Scholarship provides financial support to fisheries students. Junior, Senior, or Graduate students who are studying aquatic or fisheries biology/science at a Wisconsin university or college, and are student members of the Wisconsin Chapter of AFS are eligible to receive this $1000 scholarship  More >

2022Logan Sikora UW - Stevens Point
2021Natalie CoashUW - Stevens Point
2020Joseph MrnakUW - Madison
2019Robert ShefferUW - Stevens Point