Carroll Norden Scholarship

The Chapter established a Statewide Scholarship in 2004 and has renamed it the Carroll Norden Memorial Scholarship in memory of Dr. Carroll Norden who taught ichthyology at UW-Milwaukee. Dr. Norden, a former Wisconsin Chapter President, passed away in 2003. Dr. Norden always encouraged his students to join the WI AFS Chapter and attended Chapter meetings regularly. The following excerpt about his career was taken from page 7of the 2004 issue of Stages – a newsletter of the Early Life History Section of AFS.

Carroll’s research dealt with fishes of the Great Lakes Region. His dissertation at the University of Michigan (1958) was entitled “Comparative Osteology of Representative Salmonid Fishes, with Particular Reference to the Grayling (Thymallus arcticus) and its Phylogeny,” which he prepared under the guidance of Reeve Bailey. He worked for the Michigan Department of Conservation and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service before landing a faculty position at the University of Southern Louisiana. In 1963, he moved permanently to a faculty position at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He retired in 1988 and was granted emeritus status.

Carroll was active in the early development of the Wisconsin Sea Grant Program. His research in Wisconsin involved larval alewives, walleye, and yellow perch, as well as the native coregonines. At the University of Wisconsin, Carroll taught fishery biology, ichthyology, biology of marine fishes, tropical biology, comparative anatomy, and introductory biology. He advised approximately 25 master’s students and several Ph.D. students and postdoctoral associates. At the time of his death, Carroll was 83 years old.

The purpose of the Carroll Norden Memorial Scholarship is to provide financial support to fisheries students attending a Wisconsin university other than UW-Stevens Point. The deadline to apply for the Carroll Norden scholarship is December 15. Junior, Senior or Graduate Students who do not attend the UW-Stevens Point are eligible to receive the scholarship which is anticipated to be $1000 in 2008. It will be awarded to a student majoring in an aquatic/fisheries science related program at a Wisconsin based university. The student must also be a student member of the Wisconsin Chapter of AFS. Contact if you have questions. Please click here for a summary of the Norden Scholarship Criteria and AFS Scholarship Application. The deadline for applying is December 15.